The Banksia Stadium is opening its doors for multi-purpose events

Rollout flooring has come to the Banksia Stadium and the Stadium can now be used for almost any purpose – the days of saying NO to hiring the venue out because we have to protect the floorboards is now over! We now have the finest floor coverings in the country (yes, I said the country) and so it’s open slather in the Stadium (well, almost).

Wear your street shoes with confidence.

If you would like to hold an exhibition, market, concert, school play (the list is endless) you can now use Banksia Stadium. The floor covering is only one of two in Australia and we are excited to try it out – so give us a reason to use it and we will give you a really special hire rate as our first client.

The Banksia Centre is really buzzing – Volleyball filled the Stadium over the long weekend; Pickleball players are here four days a week; Table Tennis is booming; Netball continues to grow and U3A programs continue to expand – life is good at the Banksia Centre.