Ride Wild Mersey and Sleep Camp Banksia!

Mountain bike trails

Tasmania’s newest mountain bike trail network – Wild Mersey – has opened just 20 kilometres down the road from Camp Banksia at the Warrawee Reserve in Latrobe.

There are 15 kilometres of riding tracks to suit all levels of riding skills, including some fun down-hill gravity trails named Laughing Gear, High Voltage and No Mersey! It’s a great place to develop riders’ confidence while enjoying the views over the Mersey River with family members, friends or as part of a school sports excursion.

Stay at Camp Banksia, refuel with our great catering or in the self-catered kitchen and be ready to ride again at Wild Mersey or along the Port Sorell beach-side pathways.

Wild Mersey trails are signed as either one-way, two-way or dual walking/cycling and are marked with grades based on the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) of Australia guidelines. Grades indicate the technical challenges of a track, not the physical exertion required.

  • Green circle trails require only basic bike skills. Tracks have gentle gradients, are wide with a hardened surface and easily avoidable obstacles making them well suited to families and children. There are eleven green trails – single track and wider trails –open at Wild Mersey totalling around 9km of riding.
  • Blue square trails require intermediate bike skills. Tracks can be narrower with less predictable surfaces and feature inclines and/or descents which may include obstacles. There are five blue trails now open totalling around 6km of riding.
  • Black diamond trails require advanced bike skills. Tracks are narrow with unpredictable surfaces, steep gradients and/or feature unavoidable obstacles. There is currently one black trail open totalling around 1km of riding.

You can find Wild Mersey at the end of Shale Road (turn in to Hamilton Street off the main street in Latrobe and follow it until you reach the car park). There is plenty of parking, including for buses and trailers with bike carriers.

With so much to see and do around Port Sorell, Latrobe and beyond, it’s a great time to stay at Camp Banksia and explore the beautiful north west coast of Tasmania!