Team Building – A buzz word with real benefits

Team Building

Regardless of whether your workplace has undergone a period of rapid restructure or has been unchanged for many years, it’s important for employees to feel part of a team and be engaged with their role and its purpose.

Team Building

Behind the ‘team building’ buzz word is a serious benefit. Happy, committed staff who share common goals and have clear responsibilities perform well and work productively to help your business to succeed.

But it can be hard to find the time or space in your day-to-day work environment to focus on team building. A good way to overcome this challenge is to arrange an off-site event with an agenda that meets your business’s needs while having some fun.

Businesses of all sizes and from a variety of industries have used the 6 hectare Camp Banksia site as a venue for a day of team building, planning, learning and development.

Groups often start together in a large meeting room before breaking into teams that make the most of the many areas suited for informal discussion throughout the facility. With continuous tea and coffee and on-site catering for breaks and meals, your staff are free to focus on your activity agenda.

Combine this with some fun activities involving sports, skill-based games or even a relaxing session on Freers Beach and your team’s revival will be well underway!

Top tips for building effective work teams

  1. Develop common goals and have clear roles and responsibilities – use Camp Banksia’s meeting rooms, performing arts room, large dining hall space and many informal areas to plan, workshop and share ideas.
  2. Take it out of the office – inspire a fresh perspective away from the distractions of every-day work in the Camp’s 6 hectare natural bush setting.
  3. Focus on learning priorities – use Camp Banksia’s WIFI, AV equipment and whiteboards to be productive while building team spirit.
  4. Bring the learning back – identify what you will do differently when back in the workplace and apply what you achieve at Camp Banksia back in your own office.
  5. Keep it regular – make team building a regular part of your business calendar; plan follow up events and activities.
  6. Have fun – take time to get to know your work colleagues and build bonds that will help create a resilient and productive team.

Contact Camp Banksia to see how our meeting spaces, activities and catering options can help you to boost your team’s productivity and morale!