Checklist for a great event – It’s the little things that make big events a success

Checklist for a great event

If you’ve got the job of planning a conference, training session or team event while juggling your usual workload, it can seem like a big challenge to get everything organised.

Over the years at Camp Banksia, we’ve hosted hundreds of events, seminars, workshops and work gatherings. We’ve pooled our knowledge to create this simple checklist to ensure you don’t miss a detail and are on track to deliver a successful, productive and enjoyable event (for your guests and for you!)

What to consider when selecting a venue:

  • Ease of access; location and travel times for participants
  • Capacity and cost of parking
  • Proximity to accommodation (if a multi-day event)
  • Venue setting; gardens or other facilities
  • Disability access
  • Proximity to tourist attractions and experiences
  • Professional venue managers and emergency response management.

What to consider when choosing a venue space:

  • Requirements for indoor / outdoor spaces
  • Room sizes and capacity
  • Room fittings (e.g. carpet, hard floors), lighting (natural light, ability to darken room etc) and heating or cooling.
  • Room configuration options and assistance with room setup
  • Requirement for in-room catering or catering in a separate dining area
  • Requirement for event registration area
  • Ability to add decorations or bring your own equipment
  • Availability of WiFi
  • Availability of audio visual and/or presentation equipment
  • Availability of kitchenette, toilets, storage, change rooms or other amenities.

What to consider when planning catering:

  • Preference for full catering, self-catering or a combination
  • Share platters or individual meals
  • Unlimited tea / coffee / water access
  • Ability to cater to dietary requirements.

What to consider when planning associated activities:

  • Availability of indoor and team building spaces and equipment
  • Availability of outdoor spaces and games / sport equipment
  • Proximity to cultural, sport or wilderness experiences
  • Use of third parties or in-house facilitators

What to consider in general event planning:

  • Invitation format and RSVP requirements
  • How the event will be promoted
  • Insurance and identifying and managing any risks
  • Post-event survey or feedback forms
  • How the event will be funded – sponsors, registration or ticket fees and/or donations
  • Resources needed for event set-up and pack-up
  • Materials for attendees, including gift bags, show bags or other information packs.

If you’re interested in seeing what Camp Banksia and the Banksia Centre can offer your conference, training session or event, contact us today on 03 6428 6121 today to arrange a free inspection or enquire about availability.