History of Camp Banksia – now 60 years old!

History of Camp Banksia

History of Camp Banksia

Wow….How time flies! National fitness Regional Supervisor, George Russell was the founder of Camp Banksia and it was opened in July 1958. George worked within the camp until he resigned in 1967. Some time after George left the scene the National Fitness Council was wound up and the site was taken over by the Department of Recreation. Camp Banksia was eventually leased to the Mersey Rover Scouts until 2006 when Latrobe Council took management of the site.

The Camp Banksia site has changed over the years. A new hall with administration office and kitchen was built under the tourism ministry in 1990 and a fire destroyed the original indoor main hall/indoor sports hall in 1995. Cabins have moved and new toilet facilities added to where we are today with a new full sized indoor stadium, meeting rooms and performing arts room being added to the site in 2014.

So many camps over 60 years have enjoyed staying at Camp Banksia. It is a common occurrence to have visitors point out that they or their family have stayed at Camp Banksia at some stage through their lifetime.

So, we hope to continue to offer groups a place to stay, dine, relax and enjoy what Port Sorell has to offer. The natural surroundings, the beaches, the privacy. What a wonderful place to be!