Enjoy Winter Camping at Camp Banksia

Winter Camping

As the temperature drops, thoughts turn to…. Camping?

A warm fireplace, cosy rooms, steamy hot showers, hot cooked meals, movies and mugs of hot Milo… this is what winter camping looks like at Camp Banksia!

The definition of camping has certainly changed over the years. Now you can enjoy Camp Banksia’s natural bush setting and proximity to the Port Sorell beach all year round without compromising on comfort when the winter weather sets in.

Winter Camping

Winter campers at Camp Banksia make the most of the varied indoor spaces and activity options available on site. There are carpeted rooms, a stadium, dance spaces, dining rooms, meeting rooms and lots of nooks and private spaces for discussions, team work and games.

Groups often raise the temperature too by playing and having fun on the indoor full-sized court and performing arts spaces of the Banksia Centre, located within the Camp grounds.

All Camp Banksia accommodation includes in-room heating and campers bring their own bedding to recreate the comforts of home.

So as the temperature drops outside, join the growing number of Camp Banksia campers who have discovered the enjoyment of a winter getaway… in warmth and comfort!

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