Sporting Clubs at Camp Banksia

Sporting Clubs at Camp Banksia

Building team spirit and skills

You may have heard that it’s not the team with the best players that wins, it’s the players with the best team that wins.

Whether you play football or basketball, badminton or netball, to be a great sporting team it is imperative that everyone – whether on the field or in the administration – are on the same page and are working together.

At Camp Banksia, we’ve been fortunate to host some fabulous sporting teams and see first-hand how they work equally hard at building team spirit as they do at building their sporting skills and physical stamina.

Not so long ago, we hosted a football team that was building rapport with a new coach. They also made the most of the indoor stadium for some round-ball friendly competitions before hitting Freers Beach for sprint training and a sea recovery session. All that was followed up by a group dinner, sharing a nutritious meal and good stories of their heroics on and off the field!

Holding a Sports Camp is the ideal way to build a team’s confidence in themselves and in each other. It helps create social connections that when the chips are down, give them strength to overcome the competition. Team building camps can teach club members to… Train Hard, Play Smart and Create Success!

Sporting Clubs at Camp Banksia

If you’re a member of sporting club that is looking to get a winning edge, we’ll help you build the ideal group getaway combining accommodation, indoor and outdoor training and meeting spaces, plus nutritious energy-packed meals.

Contact us today on 03 6428 6121 and get ready to reveal your team’s true spirit!