A student’s camp experience can enrich their lives

student’s camp experience can enrich their lives

For children, camp is wrapped up with the excitement of being away from home, often for the first time, and the thrill of new adventures.

One of the most exciting aspects of a school camp is how it can bring the school curriculum alive, taking students on a journey of self discovery. It also facilitates student development giving children a fresh understanding of their potential. Outcomes can be delivered through a variety of activities. Draw on your skills and knowledge to deliver outcomes in the most engaging and relevant way for your students.

Equipping children with life skills

Another terrific value of the camp experience is equipping children with life skills. They learn how to live, mix and make their own decisions and choices. They also learn how to take responsibility for themselves through simple tasks like tidying their cabin or clearing tables. Camp provides opportunities for students to live in shared accommodation, develop social skills, become independent, challenge themselves and enjoy the benefits of being active.

The children’s backgrounds, level of experience and involvement in activities should be considered when designing a camp. This will ensure you achieve the best outcomes for your students. Certain activities will promote personal development and engage students to step outside their comfort zones. Other activities help build leadership, communication and cooperation skills.

The transfer of skills learnt at camp to life situations outside of camp is important and an aspect that teachers can continue to follow-up and work on back at school.